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Past Events 2019

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Teslim: The 7 Decades Project

Teslim (tes-LEEM) consists of three composers-violinist Kaila Flexer, multi-instrumental string wizard Gari Hegedus, and Elana Brutman on Cretan lyra with sympathetic strings-who share a common love of modal music from Turkey and Greece. Joined by percussionist Joshua Mellinger, the group presents the 7 Decades Project, which features original compositions by Flexer in honor of her parents, Abe and Bobbie


Cindy Kallet & Grey Larsen

Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, each well-known and loved for their decades of music making, have joined musical forces. Cindy is a superb singer, guitarist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Grey is one of America's finest players of the Irish flute and tin whistle, as well as an accomplished singer and concertina, fiddle, piano and harmonium player.


New World String Project

Celtic, Nordic & American Folk Traditions


FulaMuse = Fula Brothers + MaMuse

Fula Brothers create an ecstatic groove-based dialogue which the heart-and the feet-cannot resist.MaMuse invokes a musical presence that inspires the opening of the heart.


The String Revolution

A guitar quartet that shares a passion for many different musical styles and guitar techniques, creating distinctive sounds with their guitars: mimicking percussion, special effects, melodic grooves, bass lines, and more


The Quitters

A guitar duo of right-side up finger picking (Stevie Coyle) and upside down flat picking (Glenn Houston). The Quitters deliver a performance spiced with humor and serendipity.


Scroggins & Rose

Bridging the Gap both culturally and musically between Classical and Folk music.


String Quake

Traditional classical chamber music, jazz, Latin, classical Indian, West African folk and Balkan music