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The Murmurations Duo


Saturday November 18, 8pm, Inside concert

Fly with us into fertile possibility, into palpable silence, into the place of your deepest longing

The Murmurations Duo


  • A deep listening Sound journey with The Murmurations Duo, Jeremy Marais (sax, clarinet, balafon and frame drum) and Suellen Primost (vocals, cello and Tibetan bells). Fly with us into fertile possibility, into palpable silence, into the place of your deepest longing. Align and resonate with music of the Divine.
  • Testimonials:
  • " I was filled with an irrepressible lightness and joy - it reminded me of what making beautiful music is about." John Carosella, Host and Producer of Firefly Willows LIVE Radio

    "Magical, mystical perfection!!" Kathleen Farrell, Crystal /Tibetan Bowls maestra with Soul Tones / Infinity Energetics

    "This is now my go to instant nirvana induction; It takes me to a deep and beautiful place. A thousand thanks for this gift to me and to the world." Valerie Andrews,recording artist, noted writer and author of "A Passion for This Life"

    "Serene and gracious...Gorgeously hypnotizing music to thrill the soul." Kaylah Sterling, Music lover and acupuncturist

    "The music of the album is expansive, sourcerous and experimentally beautiful." Vivek Kumar, Indian musician, writer and reviewer

  • Review:
  • Valerie Andrews CD REVIEW (Recording artist, pianist and author of "A Passion for this Earth") "The new Starlings CD by the Murmurations Duo is a lush meditative offering from two virtuoso improvisers, Suellen Primost on cello and Jeremy Marais on clarinet, saxophone and balafon with friends on vocals, keyboard, drums, bansuri, uttar, tabla and crystal bowls. In the tradition of world music, this album draws on sounds from different cultures. It also tells a story, describing the experience of meeting the Beloved and drawing closer to one’s spiritual home. I’ve been playing Starlings almost continuously for the past week, following its flight from a soft mindfulness, through an interplay of notes and silence, to a dance of longing and fulfillment, each song embodying the fierce, gentle passion you find in a Rumi poem. If physicians prescribed music for our general health and wellbeing, this CD would be #1 on our playlist. Listeners will feel supported, centered, enchanted and refreshed--and closer to their own creativity. Thank you, Suellen and Jeremy!"

  • Members:
  • Suellen Primost, a seasoned, highly versatile cellist, recording artist and sound healer, is known for her soulful expressivity across genres, ranging from classical and jazz to many types of world music: Celtic, Roma, Arabic, Ambient, and Indian Classical. She served as Music Director with Artship Ensemble based in San Francisco for ten years, writing original scores for 11 productions. She has played on 4 film tracks, and with Spiral Dance Chamber Jazz, Ya L'ayl Arabic Trio, Hardly Strictly Jazz, and on recordings with North Indian vocalist Shivpreet Singh, Eostar Kamala, and Laura Inserra and many others. Currently she performs and tours with Jeremy Marais in The Murmurations Duo and with The Espiritu Ensembles.

    Jeremy Marais, born and raised in the French Alps, studied saxophone as a child and very soon developed a strong interest for improvised music. He studied traditional music and lived in various parts of the world: West Africa, Spain, India, Turkey and Israel. As a multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy, in addition to alto and baritone sax, performs with frame drum, balafon and clarinet. He has played and recorded with French bands L' Amarante, Le Grotorkestre; Israeli bands Sumsumband, Madboojah project, Portuguese band Terrakota, Burkina Faso band Farafina, and Indian band Rajasthan Roots. While living in France, Jeremy opened for musicians including Louis Sclavis, Rabi Abu Khalil, Michel Godard. He tours each year throughout North America with the fabulous and very popular Jerusalem-based group, Nava Tehila. He is also a certified CIIS sound healer, ThetaHealing practitioner and instructor. Jeremy is now living with his wife and young son in the Bay Area.

  • Music Videos:
  • "Inner Space" Music Video on YouTube

    "Longing" with Jeremy Marais, Suellen Primost and Larry Walker Music Video on YouTube

    "Murmurations" with Suellen Primost/cello, Laura Inserra/hang drum and Jeremy Marais/sax

    Check out these links for sample tunes....


    The Murmurations Duo

    Starlings CD



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