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Palm Wine Boys

Saturday April 18, 8pm

Acoustic World Folk Music

  • Acoustic folk, and west African palm wine music come together to make up the mellow rhythmic sound of the Palm Wine Boys. With their intertwining guitars, simple catchy rhythms, and harmonizing voices, this group brings the audience something to sit back and enjoy while letting their feet tap on the floor.
  • They sing songs about life's challenges and triumphs, and of the simple pleasures the world has to offer.
  • Based in the SF Bay Area, the Palm Wine Boys have spent the last two years playing around California, including appearing at the Strawberry Festival, the Wild Iris Festival in Sonoma, the California World Fest in Grass Valley, and numerous radio appearances including West Coast Live.
  • The group is an offshoot of an 8 piece world beat dance band that played around northern California for five years. They eventually realized that at the heart of the massive sound they were creating were simple songs that were being swallowed up by the desire to make people dance. "We wanted to let the audience hear the songs." So the group disbanded and the key players formed the Palm Wine Boys, bringing with them the sensibilities of highlife, soukous, and township jive, to a more mellow format.
  • Band members: Tom Chandler, Richard Linley-guitar & vocals; Q.B. Williams –percussion & voice, Dylan Eliyahu Sills –bass, flute, vocals

Palm Wine Boys




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