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Thursday Feb 21, 2008, 8pm

Swedish Folk trio

  • It all started in a small street in Malmö, Sweden. A new guy moved into the apartment below. It turned out to be a classmate from the Academy of Music. They soon got tired of hearing each other's stomping of feet through the ceiling, and started playing together instead. The band name was obvious: Grannar (neighbors). After a while, they felt the need to develop their music a bit further by adding another instrument. A bassist was a natural choice; it added a new richness to the music, and he also lived at Sofiagatan!
  • The repertoire started out with traditional folk music from Southern Sweden (Skåne and Västergötland). But soon, Grannar started adding their own compositions, and nowadays, those make up a substantial part of the group's music, along with a few tunes from Småland.
  • Grannar's main repertoire is dance music, and groove and danceability is a major priority for Grannar, but they have also done church concerts, played for children etc.
  • Successful tour of the North American West coast in 2005, now followed by West coast tour in Feb 2008
  • Download sound samples at the bottom of the link below





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