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Ya Elah

Ya Elah

Saturday April 2nd at 8pm, Inside concert

Balkan and Middle Eastern style spiritual music

  • Our music illuminates the beauty, mystery & power of the world's many spiritual paths.
  • Members: Bon Singer, Evelie S Posch, Erica Hockett, Jeannette Ferber, Diana Rowan
  • Ya Elah is the voices of Bon Singer (Director), Evelie S Posch, Erica Hockett, and Jeannette Ferber, with Diana Rowan on harp.
  • Ya Elah illuminates the beauty, mystery and power of the world's many spiritual paths. Their music combines the sacred texts of many traditions to reveal the deep knowing that all life is one. Ya Elah encourages compassion among diverse cultures. We hope to bring healing and a sense of wonder that all are connected to the Divine.
  • Ya Elah sparkles with the influence of Bulgarian Village songs, Middle Eastern melodies and beyond. This ensemble of vocalists, harp and percussion performs mostly the original compositions of artistic director, Bon Singer, with growing contributions by the other band members.
  • "Ya Elah is like honey in your ears. Your toes will tap, your head will sway, and your soul will sing." ~ Jueli Garfinkle, Author of Everyday Adventures for the Soul
  • "Exceptional performance, musicianship, voices and compositions. Excellent throughout." ~ asianmusicexaminer, via Concert Window
  • Check out this link for sample tunes....

    Ya Elah




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