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Small Potatoes

April 1, 2007- Sunday at 3pm

Celtic to Cowboy duo

  • The Chicago based folk duo of Jacquie Manning and Rich Prezioso say it has taken them years of careful indecision to develop a repetoire they describe as "celtic to cowboy- a mix of music that ranges from country, blues, and swing to Irish, with songwriting that touches on all of those styles and more."
  • Two great voices, fine guitar playing, and a touch of tin whistle, flute, mandolin, bodhran, and other percussion toys.
  • Two recordings, Waltz of the Wallflowers and Time Flies covers all their styles Jacquies one-of-a kind 1998 Kerrville New Folk winning title track, Rich's powerful 1000 Candles, 1000 Cranes, or their Celtic-flavored rendition of the Jefferson Airplane classic, Lather provides a more than ample illustration.

Small Potatoes

Wind River


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