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QUIJEREMA! & Latin American Saxophone Quartet

Saturday Sept. 15, 3pm 2007

TWO Chilean Jazz-Folk Ensembles


  • The cueca from Chile, tango from Argentina, waltz at its most Latin, landó from Peru, joropo from Venezuela, huaino from the Andes fuse into a musical continuum rooted in the South Americas.
  • Members of the ensemble play over thirty instruments, and have performed worldwide
  • Quique Cruz has composed Quijeremá music for various films including“Tinta Verde / Green Ink” is the soundtrack for the documentary film ¡Pablo Neruda!¡Presente!.
  • Quique Cruz(Chile: Strings, Winds & Percussion). Jeremy Allen(USA: Bass & Percussion. Maria Fernanda Acuña (Venezuela: Percussion & Venezuelan Cuatro). David Barrows(USA: Saxophones, Winds & Percussion

    Latin American Jazz Quartet

  • Music from Latin America with a broad range, fusing jazz with classical, baroque, or traditional Chilean tunes
  • Includes fusions with composers, George Gershwin, Satie, and Debussy
  • Three CD's
  • Members: Alejandro Vasquez -Soprano Sax (Musical Director); Ricardo Alvarez -Alto Sax; Raúl López - Tenor Sax; Jaime Atenas - Baritone Sax
  • There is an English option, on bottom left of website
  • Cuartosax



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