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Sunday April 25 at 3pm

Ancient Indian melody with the soul of American music

  • Influenced by the mysticism of Indian music and the colorful soul of American music, PremaSoul (pronounced prae-ma, from the Sanskrit word for "universal love"), transcends boundaries with an intoxicating blend of rich, modern harmonies and old world rhythms, to create songs of rare beauty. Fronted by Indian-American vocalist/harpist Sheela Bringi and Black American songwriter/trumpeter Clinton Patterson, PremaSoul's sound is a natural expression of artists who are coming authentically from many places, all at once.
  • A rare songbird, Sheela Bringi originally came to Los Angeles from her home in Colorado, to follow her path in music. What she found along the way was Clinton Patterson - a gifted, young musician from Atlanta with a penchant for both the soulful and the modernistic. Drawn together initially by a shared curiosity of each other’s musical heritage, their curiosity has expanded into a long-term collaboration that touches on traditions across the globe
  • Sheela and Clinton have found kindred spirits in fellow CalArts alums: Robin Sukhadia, Dave Tranchina and Colin Woodford. Tabla, bass, and drumset respectively, these musicians share something special that never fails to deliver.
  • PremaSoul has played at the BellyUp Aspen, the House of Blues in Hollywood, the LA Contemporary Museum of Art (LACMA) & Machine Project in LA, the De Young Museum, Red Poppy Art House and the Sangati Center in SF. During their Bay Area visit in April, they will also be playing in Santa Cruz at Kuumbwa Jazz on Saturday, April 24
  • Members: Sheela Bringi - voice/harp/harmonium/bansuri Clinton Patterson - voice/trumpet/piano Dave Tranchina - bass


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