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Saturday April 5th at 8pm 2014

Bass and Bassoon Duet

  • People often say they don't know what to expect from a bass and bassoon duo. Well, think melodic and groovy music. OoN with its unlikely combination of bass and bassoon creates beautiful melodic Chamber Jazz. Sometimes peaceful and meditative, at other times passionate, raging or groovy, the musical bandwidth these two instrumentalists cover with bass and bassoon is surprising. Utilizing virtuosic and unusual playing techniques as well as effects and harmonizers the musicians put the song first and musicality front and center.
  • When Paul Hanson and Ariane Cap met, they found they had a lot in common: both had just returned from tours from outside the country and found themselves in new and unexpected life situations. They got together initially to 'just jam' but were immediately struck by the compatibility of their instruments as well as their similar approaches to playing. Both fans of unusual playing techniques and the use of effects they were both at home taking on various responsibilities of playing, be it accompanying, grooving, soloing or playing melodies. More than anything, however, they found kinship in loving a wide variety of styles of music, from Classical to Jazz, to Rock, Pop, Funk and Fusion, and for being most concerned with beautiful melodies and moving grooves.
  • On Polaris the two do many of their own compositions, but also a Beatles cover and their favorite jazz standard. They even go on some Jimi Hendrix infused adventures. A fresh and exciting sound that will delight, entertain and uplift you, make sure to expect the unexpected.
  • "OoN is Hanson and bassist Ariane Cap, an Austrian music educator, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Each has an impressive and diverse vitae; Cap has covered styles ranging from jazz, folk and flamenco to Celtic, African and punk while Hanson's collaborations include Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Jonas Hellborg, St. Joseph Ballet and rocker Eddie Money. Both have performed with Cirque Du Soleil." Keith Johnson, San Francisco Informer
  • OoN




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