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The Muses The Muses

Sunday, March 9, 3pm 2008

Celtic Music with Zing!

  • Tanya Brody, Matthew Gurnsey and new band member Lindsay Jensen all play a plethora of exotic instruments ranging from bohdran & concertina to harp & hammered dulcimer; psaltery, pennywhistles, and fiddle to name just a few.
  • The Muses add new life to old songs as well as adding original material to the Celtic repertoire. Since the moment they chose to blend their voices in song they began captivating the hearts of every audience from Hawaii to Maine, Vancouver to Florida, concerts and main-stages at Scottish Games and Celtic Festivals. The Muses perform with a ferocity and a strength of heart that embodies the music they all love so dearly.
  • Seeking the return of traditional Celtic folk songs (and a stage overflowing with instruments & vibrance), The Muses breathe new life into a music that will never die. "Through our music you can feel the green shamrocks underfoot, catch the aroma of a distant salt sea, and taste the highland rain upon your lips."
  • -"They have a chemistry that sparks. They may play many instruments between them but their voices are their greatest treasure" - Antonio Santos (President , Scots-American Society of Brevard
  • 9 CD's

The Muses




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