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Walter Strauss


Ma Muse & Walter Strauss

Sunday March 18 3pm, Inside concert

Sweet Duet Harmony & World Guitar

  • The birth of MaMuse as told by Sarah Nutting and Karisha Longaker The Muse fell from the sky one night and landed in the spaces between our heart beats. She instantly took a liking to the rhythm in our chests, and her sweet melody joined the pulse. One of us picked up father bass, and thumped it’s belly in response. The other picked up father mandolin, and plucked its ribs. Mother guitar and sister flute could not resist being a part of such sweet merriment and soon joined in.
  • The Earth, hearing the whole incident, called out words of inspiration and encouragement........Yes!… keep going!
  • When the Earth calls, one must listen….. So we opened our hearts and let sweet harmony roll off of our tongues. In unison our voices shot out into the deep of night and a star fell from the heavens; the magic spark!
  • MaMuse is born.
  • 2 CD's
  • Ma Muse

  • " Walter Strauss kicks global arse... (Planet Solitaire) encompasses Western classical and jazz-values, plus rootsy African and Americana with bewildering aplomb." - Allgigs
  • If you haven’t heard Walter Strauss play, then you’ve never heard music like this before. This California guitar maestro’s songs are full of the groove and fire of an African dance party, the dynamics and textures of a string orchestra, and the back-porch soul of American roots music. It’s out of this world music.
  • Strauss digs deep grooves for his audiences – his singular guitar style layers on highly articulated melodies and harmonies, rhythms and counter-rhythms, giving the impression he is magically playing several instruments at once. His songs soulfully trace forgotten histories and life’s paradoxes in the 21st century, and his vocals have a smooth wood smoke and whiskey intimacy that pulls the listener in, making them feel the song is for them alone. His guitar interpretations of exotic world music are showstoppers.
  • In addition to touring solo in the US and abroad, Walter has collaborated with wide-ranging talents, including a duo with 2010 Grammy-winning kora player Mamadou Diabate, guitar virtuoso Alex de Grassi, and The Burns Sisters. He’s worked with musicians from West Africa to Australia and Finland, and masterfully weaves threads of American roots, world music traditions, and jazz into a brand uniquely his own. Of late, Walter has been performing solo, in a duo with Wassoulou hunter’s harp player Mamadou Sidibe (Mali), and with The Walter Strauss Trio – with bassist Sam Bevan (David Grisman, Joe Craven) and drummer/percussionist Kendrick Freeman (Alison Brown, Joe Craven).
  • Walter will be fresh from a month long musical journey to West Africa. The great kora player Toumani Diabate, (famous in the west for his collaborations with Ali Farke Toure, Taj Mahal, Bjork) invited him to Mali to study and to connect with Malian musicians
  • 2 CD's
  • Walter Strauss





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