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Laura Love with Big Bad Gina

Sunday Sept 14th at 3pm, Outside concert

Genre-hoppin', folkin'-rockin' brilliant acoustic to radical electric

  • In the summer of 2013, folk/funk diva Laura Love, did something she had never done before in her 20 years of touring. She called home from the National Women's Music Festival and announced to her manager, "You have to go online right now and look up this band we just played with. They're called Big Bad Gina and they are Off. The. Hook."
  • Not only did Laura's manager find Big Bad Gina at their web site and Facebook page, she found a link to a jam session that had just been posted by the Festival. In this video, Laura and Jen Todd, who were booked to perform as an acoustic duo, were singing Chain Of Fools with a rocking band backing them on keyboards, fiddle, banjo, drums and three part harmony. It was magnificent. It was Laura Love with Big Bad Gina.
  • They mashed together again on another festival stage later that summer and when Laura was thinking about how she wanted to tour the following year, she thought, "Let's see if BBG wants to come to the West Coast."
  • Meanwhile in the Ozark Mountains and beyond, Big Bad Gina (Renee Janski, Jori Costello, Melodie Griffis and RJ) was continuing their brilliant mosaic of rocking Pride events from Milwaukee to Provincetown, racking up wins at Battles of the Bands in Kansas City and Dallas, headlining festivals and gathering a large and loyal following. And somehow in the past five years they found time to release three CDs. They are all multiinstrumentalists and excellent vocalists. Watching them seamlessly swap instruments around between tunes is worth the price of admission alone. Big Bad Gina describes their style as "genre-hoppin', folkin'-rockin' brilliant acoustic to radical electric". Which means they are a perfect match with Laura Love.
  • Since the early 1990s, Laura has released 12 CDs on her own label, on industry giant Mercury Records, and on the well regarded independent labels, Rounder and KOCH. She has toured throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia and has performed in Europe. Laura's blend of folk-ish melodies underscored by the thunderous funk bass which accompanies her astonishing vocals, has been favorably reviewed in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Seattle Times, People Magazine and in nearly every regional weekly in the U.S. Her recordings receive airplay throughout the world and she has been featured on PBS' Sessions At West 54th Street and on a wide variety of national NPR programs including Weekend Edition, A Prairie Home Companion, The Tavis Smiley Show, Mountain Stage and E-Town.
  • On The Big Bad Love Tour, Big Bad Gina will perform their original music and will also back up Laura on her material. There is a chemistry between these artists that transforms their performance into an event that is greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, this will be a ton of Big Bad Fun that should not be missed.
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