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Izvorno IcePick

Saturday Jan 28 8pm, Inside concert

Wildly Contemporary yet firmly rooted in Tradition

  • What? Izvorno IcePick?! Derived from the Macedonian Izvor (source or spring) and "icepick (one of the most simple, yet useful, tools ever), the name of this East Bay-based ensemble heralds a sonic art form that is wildly contemporary, yet firmly rooted in folk traditions dating back several hundred years.
  • Izvorno IcePick's repertoire fuses the driving, rhythmically-complex traditional village dance music of Macedonia with aggressive jazz-inspired improvisation. Instrumentation includes the ancient two-string Macedonian tambura (lute) and, from modern times, saxophone, drum set and electric bass, played by four innovative exponents of East European folk music, jazz, and pop: Sheldon Brown on alto saxophone, Tom Farris on Macedonian tambura, Bryan Bowman on drum set, and Bill Lanphier on electric bass.
  • Sheldon Brown is among the West Coast's most dynamic horn players. He performs with dozens of bands, including Pete Escovedo, Ormar Sousa, Paul McCandless and Oregon, Marcus Shelby Jazz Orchestra, Clarinet Thing, Brass Menazeri, Realistic Orchestra, Graham Connah Ensemble and more. Sheldon also composes music for his own group and soundtracks, including The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat, which recently aired on CBS.
  • Tom Farris has been playing in Bay Area Balkan rhythm sections since the early 1990s. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays a variety of drums and stringed instruments. Formerly a member of Brass Menaeri and Anoush, Tom currently plays with Janam and The Helladelics. In addition to Balkan music, Tom also writes and records his own folk-rock songs.
  • Drummer and composer Bryan Bowman (www.bryanlbowman.com) has been an active participant in the San Francisco Bay Area jazz and world music scene for 20 years. Bryan's an integral part of several original jazz projects including; Hawkeye, a collaboration with bassist Sam Bevan, Mandala, and the CD "Homespun" with Grant Levin and Fred Randolph. In the international music arena, Bryan has performed with Ivan Milev, Edessa, Trio Mopmu with Lily Storm, Members of Kitka and Aleph Null.
  • Bassist Bill Lanphier (www.lanphier.net) has been heard on hundreds of international radio and TV commercials. He's recorded with the Rippingtons, Richard Carpenter, Harry Chapin, and performed with Madonna, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Linda Ronstadt, and Rickie Lee Jones. Additionally, Bill is one of the most in-demand Balkan bassists in the USA, and has appeared on stages worldwide with several renowned world music artists including Christos Govetas, Ivan Milev, Nedyalko Nedyalkov, and Yasko Argirov.
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