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Hillbillies from Mars

Sept 20 2008 3pm

Celtic & American Tradional Fiddle

  • The Hillbillies From Mars have been rocking the contradance scene in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1982. They combine their love and dedication to Celtic and American traditional fiddle music with a healthy dose of their own "folk roots" of rock 'n' roll, swing, Latin and African beats, forging a new tradition of dance music
  • Drawing from Appalachian, Canadian, Celtic, and European repertoire, their trademark sound features powerful fiddling interwoven with mandolin, flute, accordion, and bagpipes, all with rock-solid polyrhythmic backup. Individually, the Hillbillies have studied the traditional music of many cultures, and they bring together these influences, along with their own roots of contemporary American music, to perform music that is as soulful as it is unique. Their concerts include songs, stories, and always a few surprises.
  • "This band could probably get dead people to dance." - Danny Carnahan, Roots & Rhythm
  • "I don't think there is a band quite like the 'Billies in this country, nay, in the world. ... The Hillbillies impart their sense of fun with music and the music is eminently danceable." - Kerry Blech, The Old Time Herald
  • "They generated more energy on the dance floor in five minutes than most bands can produce in a whole evening. It was astounding." - Kiran Wagle, dancer
  • The Hillbillies are: Ray Bierl: fiddle, guitar Kevin Carr: fiddle, bagpipes, accordion Paul Kotapish: mandolin, guitar Daniel Steinberg: piano, flute, banjo

Hillbillies from Mars




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