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Elameno Quintet

Elameno Quintet

Saturday July 5 8pm

Jazz, Arabic to Flamenco, Brazilian & Irish

  • Stunning improvisation on the flute, mesmerizing guitar, soulful cello lines, bass as you’ve never heard it before and percussion to knock your socks off. The modern acoustic originals of Elameno Quintet encompass sounds from Jazz and Arabic to Flamenco, Brazilian and Irish
  • Once upon a California late summer, five musicians convened on a mountain top, and began to play. Fueled by pure inspiration and the occasional baked squash, they played until day became night, and night became day again. They were unstoppable. In spite of this, the neighbors loved them, and the word began to spread...
  • The Quintet members bring eclectic influences from their travels to Egypt, Brazil, Spain, India, Ireland, and the worlds of Jazz and Classical music.
  • They all compose and improvise, and they each bring a totally unique voice to the ensemble
  • Rebecca Kleinmann, Flute, Vocals;Dusty Brough, Guitar;Myra Joy, Cello;Miles Jay, Double Bass;Tobias Roberson, Percussion

Elameno Quintet

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