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Harpist Diana Rowan and accompanists

Sunday Jan 18 3pm

Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Western classical traditions. Also Japanese

  • Opening: Philip Gelb will present a set of traditional and modern music for shakuhachi inspired by his 20 years of studies of Japanese and other traditions on this ancient Japanese bamboo flute
  • MAIN event: Harpist Diana Rowan is joined by Peter Maund (percussion), Rachel Durling (violin), Bon Singer and Lily Storm (vocals), and Gary Hegedus (tarhu) in a program of music from her second CD, The Bright Knowledge. Deeply seeking in nature, this music is inspired by Eastern European, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Western classical traditions.
  • "The Bright Knowledge (from the Gaelic imbas forosnai) is sudden illumination born from clearing our path. This fierce inspiration, often poetic and artistic in nature, comes as a fully-formed gift for our efforts, from all who have come before us, and from the sacred. Each of these pieces comes from that place. From fertile darkness, the bright knowledge ignites the spark we all carry inside."
  • Harpist Diana Rowan's playing has been described as having "unusual power and beauty." Born in Ireland, she lived on the East Coast, in Europe and the Middle East before settling in Berkeley, California. Diana's classical training (MM Piano?Performance with Tchaikovsky Piano Competition prize winner Roy Bogas, ongoing studies with Israel Harp Competition first prize winner Alice Giles) intersects with her love for Balkan, Eastern European, Sephardic and Middle Eastern music to create compelling solo and ensemble performances.
  • 2CD's

Diana Rowen -Bright Knowledge