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Cascada de Flores

Saturday Oct 29th at 8pm Inside concert

Musical Traditions of Mexico and Cuba

  • The sound of Cascada de Flores echoes the golden radio age of Latin America, where jazzy bolero and earthy traditions from the countryside were joyously juxtaposed. Its lush and haunting vocal duet is comprised of the unique voices of Arwen Lawrence and Sabra Weber, and reminiscent of the vocal hermanas (sisters) of yesteryear. Guitarist Jorge Liceaga carries them with unique expertise, drawing from his mixed heritage of Bibriesca, syncopated Yucatecan bolero and the communicative flamenco art tradition. Together, they move through the radio dial of yesteryear, when programs exploded with thrilling diversity, from heart-wrenching canción and raucous Cuban guaracha, to earthy Mexican son. The variety is woven together by the poetic treatment of the Spanish language, the casual and humorous storytelling and the use of traditional instruments, to recreate original contexts or create new ones: tres cubano, flute, marimbol (a bass lamellaphone related to the African thumb piano), vihuela, guitarra de son and jaranas of Veracruz, donkey's jaw bone and zapateado (percussive dance).
  • "One learns the roots while listening to experts play music they clearly love. The result is rich, delicate, and lovely." (Sing Out Magazine)
  • Since its inception in 1999, the Cascada de Flores has entertained while educating people of all ages and languages: from concert halls like the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque, NM to community arts centers such as La Peña and the Freight and Salvage of Berkeley; from a 7:00 am concert/sing-along for day laborers at the Graton Labor Center to getting elderly latinos up to dance at the 30th Street Senior Center in San Francisco - the music they play resonates deeper than where differences lie. From the concert stage to the kitchen, this is everyone's music.
  • Cascada de Flores will be joined by guitarist Ricardo Flores, a composer and educator who specializes in bringing to life glorious world traditions through his classically trained guitar. He plays with altered tunings, percussion, unconventional strumming techniques and a huge heart.
  • 3 CDs
  • Listen to sound clips on their website. Click on the recordings tab within the Cascada de Flores website below

Cascada de Flores





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