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Amy X Neuburg

Saturday January 25, 8pm

Unique blend of cabaret, classical and rock

  • A cross-over artist defying definition, Amy twists multiple musical styles together into something all her own -- from cabaret to rock to classical. Her wildly inventive lyrics range from the poignant to the absurd, touching on social and political issues in surprisingly personal ways -- all intertwined with electronic samples, loops and layers galore. With her unique performance style, 4-octave vocal range and riveting stage presence, Amy has made a name for herself worldwide, with performances at venues such as the Other Minds and Bang on a Can Festivals, the Berlin International Poetry Festival, the Warsaw Philharmonic chamber series, and the Wellington and Christchurch jazz festivals in New Zealand.
  • In this concert Amy will perform favorites from her past and present repertoire as well as introduce works-in-development.
  • "Wow! That was the one simple word that best described the one-woman musical hurricane that was Amy X Neuburg last night... If diversity, creativity, and flat-out ability were all crimes, Neuburg would have been locked up years ago... Her diverse array of sounds, vocally and electronically, are matched by both her intelligent and emotionally connected lyrics and conversely her sense of fun." -- Otago Daily Times, New Zealand
  • "A new kind of multi-threat composer... She's an opera singer, a pure-toned Minimalist, a sultry jazz singer and a spoken-word artist in one package, and she can shift modes in a syllable. She manipulates that voice electronically in real time, looping it, sometimes altering pitch, timbre or speed. Neuburg sings harmony with herself and interacts in dialogues with her own voice... Exhilarating originality. No one else sounds like Amy X." -- Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
  • "She loops her voice and sings over her alter egos until she's a whole chorus, an opera, a circus acts far more musical than Laurie Anderson and a hell of a lot cheerier than Diamanda Galas, Neuburg has scoped out her own territory in the gulf between pop and classical." -- Kyle Gann, Village Voice
  • Five CD's, including "The Secret Language of Subways"

Amy X Neuburg

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