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Ian Faquini and Rebecca Kleinmann

Saturday Jan 28th 8pm, Inside concert

Brazilian rhythms and other harmonic influences

  • Composer, guitarist and vocalist Ian Faquini and flutist/ vocalist Rebecca Kleinmann have been friends for fifteen years and working together since Rebecca moved to the Bay area in 2009. They released their first album together "Brasiliense" last year featuring all original music by Faquini. Ian utilizes a wide range of Brazilian rhythms and grooves while grasping strong melodic and harmonic influences from composers such as Guinga, Gershwin, Bach, Ravel, Duke Ellington and Tom Jobim. Rebecca uses a lush tone palate to interpret Ian's melodies in story telling fashion with and improvises fluidly through the rich chord changes.

  • In the words of Jazz Great, Pianist Benny Green:

    "Ian is a remarkably gifted composer/guitarist and in Rebecca's flute his conceptions have the ultimate empathetic blend. Rebecca is masterful and selfless in her ability and inclination of melding her sound with her environment. This grace, humility and focused intention it is the perfect compliment to the rich quiet fire and deep soul of Ian's music. The duo is a joy to hear at length, as the mutual respect evident in their artistic kinship and the balance of deep preparation with the unaffected abandon to go wherever the moment leads, to laugh and trust one another, is the very stuff which disarm and free a listener's mind to be transported and healed."

  • Benny Green, Berkeley 2014: " Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear the fabulous duo in the intimate Wisteria Ways setting."
  • Check out this website for a taste of their music:
  • Ian Faquini and Rebecca Kleinmann





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