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Ellis Island

Sunday Nov. 4, 3pm

Old World Klezmer Band

  • Pioneer Klezmer band celebrating 27th year, playing lively & soulful Eastern European Jewish music. Featured in festivals, concerts, bar & bat mitzvahs
  • During the first part of the performance the audience will be guests at a shtetel wedding as the band enacts a traditional Jewish village wedding that might have taken place one hundred years ago in Eastern Europe. The second part of the show will focus on “modernity,” the variety and evolution of klezmer music as it came to America with the Jewish immigrants
  • Come join this celebration of klezmer music; lively freilachs, soulful doinas, danceful bulgars, old world waltzes, comical Yiddish vocals. Ellis Island will have you dancing down the aisles!
  • Personnel include Carol Ginsburg, flute and vocals; Charley Seavey, trombone; Barbara Speed, clarinet; Helen Placourakis, violin; Jim Rebhan, accordion; Josh Cohen, violin, bass, mandolin
  • This show will be videotaped as part of The Music of America: History Through Musical Traditions, now a co-production with WETA, and partnered with the Library of Congress American Folklife Center
  • Nuthill Productions

    Ellis Island



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