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Ellis Island

Sunday Nov. 4, 3pm

Old World Klezmer Band

  • Pioneer Klezmer band celebrating 27th year, playing lively & soulful Eastern European Jewish music. Featured in festivals, concerts, bar & bat mitzvahs
  • During the first part of the performance the audience will be guests at a shtetel wedding as the band enacts a traditional Jewish village wedding that might have taken place one hundred years ago in Eastern Europe. The second part of the show will focus on �modernity,� the variety and evolution of klezmer music as it came to America with the Jewish immigrants
  • Come join this celebration of klezmer music; lively freilachs, soulful doinas, danceful bulgars, old world waltzes, comical Yiddish vocals. Ellis Island will have you dancing down the aisles!
  • Personnel include Carol Ginsburg, flute and vocals; Charley Seavey, trombone; Barbara Speed, clarinet; Helen Placourakis, violin; Jim Rebhan, accordion; Josh Cohen, violin, bass, mandolin
  • This show will be videotaped as part of The Music of America: History Through Musical Traditions, now a co-production with WETA, and partnered with the Library of Congress American Folklife Center
  • Nuthill Productions

    Ellis Island



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